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Accessories for contact lenses

We offer a variety of contact lens accessories for easy storage and handling. From stylish and functional to differently coloured tweezers and , these tools will help you handle your lenses with ease every day. With our accessories, you'll never have trouble handling your lenses, and you can be sure they’ll stay clean and clear. Shop our selection of contact lens handling accessories here. Read more about accessories for contact lenses.

Hygiene with Contact Lenses

Hygiene is the most important factor when it comes to using contact lenses, and our accessories can help. Contact lens tweezers and tongs are made of soft plastic with silicone tips, and can help you avoid any unnecessary touching of your lenses.

What do we offer you?

We offer a variety of lens cases to meet your needs. Classic cases are marked with “L” and “R” to help you remember which lens goes in which eye. If you’re feeling whimsical, we offer cases with football designs and funny faces to give you a smile. To prevent the growth of bacteria, always clean your case after every use, and allow it to air dry. Don’t forget to replace your lens case regularly. Opening a new bottle of solution is usually a perfect reminder that it’s time for a new case. All of our full-sized solutions are sold with a contact lens case included.

If you take your case with you on the go, we have all-in-one lens kits that contain a lens case, lens tweezers and a mirror to make handling and application easy and safe when you’re away from home.