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AO SEPT PLUS HydraGlyde Solution 2x360 ml

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How does EasySept work?

The solution is made up of 3% hydrogen peroxide that acts as a disinfectant, effectively destroying all pathogenic microorganisms. EasySept solution removes dirt and deposits during the cleaning process to ensure that the solution is effectively neutralised and will not cause discomfort or injury when the clean lenses are applied.


Never apply peroxide solution directly into the eyes, as it can cause serious injury.

Never use a flat contact lens case with peroxide solution. Use only the special case that contains a neutralising disc that is included with the solution.

Never remove the lenses from the special case before completion of the neutralisation process, at least 6 hours.

Never overfill the case with solution. Leaked and non-neutralised solution can inadvertently come into contact with lenses or your fingers, causing injury.

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Note: This is not a multipurpose solution. It is essential to wait for complete neutralisation (minimum 6 hours) during each contact lens cleaning with AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde® solution to prevent eye damage due to burns. Use following the advice of your optician.

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde® Contact Lens Solution

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde® is a peroxide-based solution manufactured by Alcon and designed to disinfect all types of soft contact lenses. The HydraGlyde® moisturising component provides adequate hydration for all-day comfort. This solution is packaged with a special case that contains a catalysing agent (AO DISC) that is necessary for the effective operation of the cleaning process.

This package contains two 360 ml bottles of solution and two special contact lens cases.

We also offer a single bottle of AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde solution.

Long-lasting hydration

The moisturising HydraGlyde® complex binds to the lens surface where it forms a layer preventing drying for up to 16 hours. Lenses are sufficiently moist and provide exceptional comfort.

How does AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde® work?

The active cleaning ingredient of AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde® contains 3% hydrogen peroxide. During the purification process, the lenses are completely disinfected as the hydrogen peroxide is neutralised, and the resulting solution is a gentle, preservative-free saline solution.

Disinfecting phase

Hydrogen peroxide has the character of a dilute acid, thereby effectively removing any deposits and undesirable microorganisms from the lenses. Direct contact of peroxide with the sensitive tissues of the eye could lead to burns, so it is critical to allow the lenses to neutralise in their case for at least six hours.

Neutralising phase

The catalytic agent that is required to completely neutralise the solution is the AO Disc. This neutralising disc is included in the special lens case that comes with every bottle of solution.

How to use AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde® correctly

Contact lenses must be stored in their special case, which should then be adequately filled with solution. The lenses should be stored like this for at least six hours to ensure complete neutralization of the solution. The lenses may be stored in solution for up to two weeks, but after this time, the solution must be discarded and changed.

Manufacturer: Alcon
Solution type: Peroxide
Volume: 2x360 ml
Expiration: 16 months and more
Usability after opening: 3 months


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