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Carrera CA6656 9T6

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Glasses size

Glasses dimensions (in millimeters)
140 mm
17 mm
34 mm 56 mm
140 mm
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About Carrera

Want to look original and unconventional? Let your eyewear speak for itself, and make a bold move with Carrera's line of daring designs. The famous Italian brand proposes distinctive glasses, whether you prefer them rectangular, round or square.

About these glasses

Their shape is rectangular, which perfectly suits rounder faces. The frame colour is silver, which matches most styles, hairstyles, and skin tones. The material is mainly made of metal, which is highly durable and gives that sleek, stylish look. Would you like to see if these glasses are the perfect fit for you? Get a closer look with our virtual try-on tool!

Original products

We sell only original brands and products. When you order glasses from Alensa, they are already in stock and will be delivered to your doorstep in the shortest possble time. We strive for the most complete customer satisfaction. In case our products have not met your expectations, please contact our customer service team who will work to attain the best resolution.

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1. Type of lenses

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Glasses for reading Lenses that correct farsightedness (hypermetropia/hyperopia) from €14.90 Price per pair
Glasses for distance vision Lenses that correct nearsightedness (myopia) from €14.90 Price per pair
Progressive / multifocal lenses A lens that simultaneously corrects near and farsightedness from €54.80 Price per pair
Glasses with blue light protection Prescription-free lenses with blue light-blocking filter €44.80 Price per pair
Frames without spectacle lenses Standard showroom lenses are not suitable for normal wear €117.90 Price per pair

2. Your prescribed parameters

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3. Lens density made-to-measure using state-of-the-art technology.

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4. Additional lens features

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Back to product detail Choose your lenses Choose the ideal lens for your glasses. The price is always for a pair.
Carrera CA6656 9T6
Frames €117.90
Lenses €14.90
Lens density made-to-measure using state-of-the-art technology. +€14.90
Additional lens features +€0.00
Price total €132.80
Manufactured within 7 business days