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ClearLab contact lenses

ClearLab is one of the world’s first producers of biocompatible daily disposable contact lenses, and is an industry leader in lens innovation. They produce high-quality monthly and daily contact lenses that utilise the company’s advanced AquaGrip technology. We’re pleased to offer Clear 58, Clear All-Day, and Clear 1-Day lenses at competitive prices. Read more about ClearLab

AQUAGRIP technology

Clear 1-Day lenses are daily disposable contact lenses that feature ClearLab’s patented AQUAGRIP technology. AQUAGRIP renders the lenses resistant to dehydration and tearing, and provides sufficient moisture throughout the day. The use of this technology provides enhanced comfort for longer periods of comfortable wear. It also means easier handling and wide tolerability among users.

Clear All-Day

Clear All-Day are monthly lenses made from biocompatible material that imitates the natural composition of the human eye. They provide improved contrast sensitivity and night vision and also provide effective correction of low levels of astigmatism. Their unique “wavefront” design provides sharp aspheric vision correction. Clear All-Day’s high water content ensures all-day comfort.