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Contact Lens Applicator

Our handy contact lens applicator helps you insert your lenses easily and safely. If you've ever gotten a lens stuck to your finger or if you prefer a longer manicure, you'll appreciate this unique tool. Lens applicators are also helpful for those who are uncomfortable touching their eyes. Simply use the applicator to grab the lens in one easy step, and then use the same motion to insert the lens into the eye.

This applicator is also available in blue.

How to use the applicator properly

Before using the applicator, place the contact lens in the palm of your hand, round side up. Attach the applicator to the lens and gently press it. Pressing the applicator creates a slight vacuum that will hold the contact lens. Then place the lens on the eye and press it again to release it.

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Can this applicator be used to remove contact lenses from the eye? I have no issue putting the lens IN.... it's getting it out that I struggled with. So much so, I'm still wearing specs.


Hi Tara. This applicator can be used to remove contact lenses, however, it may or may not make the process easier, depending on the individual. Thanks, Alensa


Can someone with one hand use.


Hi, While it is generally easier to use this applicator with both hands, it is possible to use with one.

Thanks, Alensa