Contact Lenses + Gelone Solution
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Contact lenses with Gelone solution

Did you know we offer packages of your favourite contact lenses together with great, high-quality Gelone contact lens solutions? Save time and money with a quick choice of one of our many value packs!

We offer monthly and bi-weekly contact lenses in these packs. Here you can find many different brands from Biofinity, Acuvue or our high-quality TopVue lenses, and numerous others. They’re all sold together with Gelone solution. Gelone solution is suitable for all types of soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel, so you don’t have to worry about choosing an incompatible solution. And what about lens cases? All 360 ml bottles of Gelone come with a special, antibacterial case! Read more about Contacts with Gelone solution

Contact Lenses in packages

There has never been an easier way to buy contact lenses and solution! All of our contacts are compatible with Gelone solution, so just choose your favourite lenses and skip the hassle of shopping or ordering from multiple shops. Your time is valuable, so why not try one of our package deals?

Gelone solution in packages

Gelone solution is very gentle thanks to it’s composition, and it provides excellent lubrication for lenses to ensure all-day comfort. Gelone effectively removes protein deposits as well as dirt and bacteria. Sodium hyaluronate is an important compontent of Gelone solution, as it helps to provide moisture and is fully compatible with natural human tears. The included antibacterial lens case contains silver ions, which further help to remove bacteria on contact lenses during storage.

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