Daily contact lenses
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Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses are for single use only, and therefore do not require cleaning solutions. After use, these daily disposable contact lenses are simply discarded. It is the most comfortable and healthiest way of wearing contact lenses, and it is becoming increasingly popular due to lower costs, especially if you alternate between glasses and disposable contact lenses. Among our most popular daily contacts are TopVue Daily, which offer superior comfort and moisture due to their hydrogel material. Read more about daily lenses

Our best daily contact lenses

In addition to TopVue Daily, we also offer hight-quality contacts Acuvue Moist from Johnson and Johnson. These lenses feature a high moisture content, provided by the unique LACREON technology, and excellent UV protection, so your eyes are comfortable and safeguarded against sun damage. Focus Dailies from Alcon (formerly Ciba Vison) are another popular product of quality, daily disposable contact lenses under the brand DAILIES. We also offer the very popular and cheapest daily lenses on the market called Soflens. Our wide range of offers also includes coloured daily contacts and daily lenses designed to correct astigmatism and presbyopia.

High-quality lenses from TOP producers

We only sell original products from the best-known and reputable lens producers. We work closely with popular manufacturers.

Benefits of Daily Lenses

Because daily contact lenses are disposed of after one wear, there is a very low risk of dirt and deposits adhering to the lenses, obscuring vision and causing discomfort. This means your vision will be crisp and clear every day with a new, clean pair of lenses. Daily contact lenses are also ideal for occasional wear, or while playing sports. As the technology has improved in recent years, the costs of daily contacts have come down. Now, a monthly supply of dailies is more affordable than ever.

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