Eye Drops & Eye Sprays
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Eye Drops & Eye Sprays

Eye drops and eye sprays can significantly reduce discomfort associated with dry, red, or irritated eyes. By adding or replacing moisture, drops and sprays help users see clearly and comfortably and are perfectly compatible with all types of soft contact lenses. Our drops are available in both liquid and gel formulas. Gelone is a liquid drop with a 30-day use period, especially effective in combatting irritation caused by environmental factors like wind, smog, or seasonal allergies. Laim-Care Gel Drops adhere to the eye for longer-lasting comfort thanks to the natural moisturising agent sodium hyaluronate. 

Eye sprays like Laim Moisture Eye Spray offer the perfect solution for anyone who may be uncomfortable applying traditional eye drops. The spray is applied to closed eye lids, and the formula penetrates the skin for instant relief. The unique spray bottle resists contamination, so the solution within lasts up to 3.5 times longer than dropper bottles. It’s easy to apply on-the-go and eases dryness and redness associated with computer vision syndrome. For more high-quality solutions and eye care, click here. Read more about eye drops and eye sprays.

Types of Eye Drops and Sprays

There are several different types of drops and sprays on the market to alleviate the discomfort of dry, irritated eyes. Eye drops are available in either liquid or gel formulas, both of which are compatible with contact lenses. If you find it difficult to apply traditional eye drops, you may prefer one of our convenient eye sprays.

Gel Drops

Gel formulas provide soothing comfort for tired and irritated eyes. They significantly improve the eyes moisture and replace natural human tears by adhering to the eye. They have a thicker, more viscous formula that provides longer-lasting comfort.

Liquid Eye Drops

Liquid eye drops help keep eyes and contacts moisturised all day, andmois can also help wash away any particles causing irritation. They replace your natural tears, protect against environmental factors like wind or smoke, and can also ease discomfort due to seasonal allergies.

Eye Sprays

If you find applying eye drops from a dropper bottle uncomfortable, eye sprays offer the perfect solution. Eye sprays are applied to closed eye lids from a distance of approximately 10 cm, and the formula then penetrates the skin to provide the same moisture and comfort as traditional drops.

Eye drops can help with:


Redness can occur as a result of tiredness or working on a computer for long periods of time. Eye drops help shrink the dilated blood vessels in the eye, reducing both the red appearance and any discomfort.

Dry Eyes

Tiredness and computer vision syndrome can also lead to dry eyes, as can environmental factors like wind and pollution. If you experience dry eyes, eye drops can help replace moisture and natural tears in your eyes while reducing inflammation.


Many of us are affected by seasonal or environmental allergies caused by pollen, dust, or even pet dander. If your allergies are causing itching or redness, eye drops and sprays can help decrease swelling and sensitivity to help you see clearly and comfortably.