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Oakley Feedback OO4079 407901

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1 pc. Friday 13.12.

136 mm
13 mm
45 mm 59 mm
135 mm
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About Oakley

Oakley is a renowned brand that develops sport equipment as well as lifestyle items, including glasses. Therefore, whether you are a real athlete or just want to enjoy a casual sporty look, Oakley has created the pair of glasses for you!

About these glasses

The shape of these frames is pilot, which is a perfect model for all face shapes. The frame colour is mostly gold, which will definitely enhance your features and add a little touch of sophistication to your look! The lens colour is brown, which is the most common lens colour for sunglasses and is very effective under all light conditions. These glasses have gradient lenses, which means they are darker on the top and gradually transition to lighter on the bottom. Not only is this effect super trendy and stylish, but it's also good for driving and allows for a clearer view from the bottom while inhibiting the bright sky from damaging your eyes from overhead. The material is mainly made of metal, which is highly durable and gives that sleek, stylish look. These are the ideal sunglasses for sports or outdoor activities.
Manufacturer: Oakley
Gender: Woman
Shape: Pilot
Frame colour: Gold
Temple colour: Brown, Havana, Multicolor
Lens colour: Brown
Lens effect: Gradient
Main material: Metal
Glasses for your face shape: Diamond, Heart-shaped, Oblong, Oval, Round, Square, Triangular
UV filter: 400
Sunglasses filter: Category 2
Included Materials: Brand-original glasses case
Types of sports glasses: Universal sports glasses
Kinds of Glasses: Street fashion

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