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Optical Express Contact Lenses Brand Alternatives

If you're currently wearing private-label lenses from Optical Express, you could find a suitable alternative here on Alensa IE. Many high street opticians and optical shops, such as Optical Express, offer their own brands of lenses, which could be easily replaced by similar brand-name lenses from trusted producers like CooperVision and Bausch & Lomb. You can use the table below to compare the properties of our suggestions to the private brand you're currently using. And, if you can't find your brand + a suggested alternative in the list, feel free to get in touch with our customer service. We'll help you find a possible and suitable alternative to what you're currently wearing! Remember that we merely try to make educated suggestions on this page based on info we've collected, but private brands tend to change their parameters quite often and suddenly. Be sure to consult your optician whenever you change brands, or, when in doubt, directly check with us on which lenses could work as a suitable replacement to your current brand.

Buying general brand-name lenses instead of the private optician shop labels allows you to comparison shop for the best deals without being tied to monthly contracts and other conditions from opticians that can be costly and inconvenient.

Check the table below to find your Optical Express lenses and possible alternatives we suggest:

OPTICAL EXPRESS lenses Our suggested alternative Type of lenses BC DIA
Optical Express Daily Vision Extra Comfort SofLens Daily Disposable Daily hydrogel 8.60 14.20
Optical Express Daily Vision UV PLUS Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily hydrogel 8.60 / 8.80 14.20
Optical Express Ciel XII Comfort Plus Biomedics 55 Evolution Monthly hydrogel 8.60 / 8.80 / 8.90 14.20
Optical Express CIEL XII UV Toric Clariti Toric Monthly toric silicone-hydrogel 8.70 14.40

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