Return Policy

Returns must fulfil all of the following conditions:

  • Lens boxes and the original packing must be unopened, sealed, undamaged and in re-sellable condition*
  • The complete goods must be returned without any missing components
  • The return of glasses and sunglasses is specified below
  • Customer service must always be contacted before returning goods
  • Products returned during the statutory cancellation period (within 14 days of receipt) will be fully refunded - Withdrawal from the purchase contract
  • Returns of unopened goods made after the legal 14-day withdrawal period has ended, will be assessed depending on the warranty and expiration date of the products (as stated before, the product needs to be re-sellable). However, the products must be returned to no longer than 365 days from the original purchase date
  • If Alensa has made an error and sent the wrong products, you are required to report this to customer service within 30 days of receipt of the goods

*in compliance with EU health and safety regulations

Can you exchange for different parameters or products?

If your prescription has changed or you have inadvertently ordered incorrectly, you'll have to send your unopened or undamaged packages by following the procedure outlined below. Alensa will, in this case, issue a refund, and you are required to make a new order for the desired product(s) at your convenience. Price adjustments will not be made; a complete refund will be issued if the returned products meet our criteria as stated above.

Did you receive the wrong product?

If Alensa made a mistake and has sent you the wrong product, you are required to report this within 30 days after receiving the goods. Make sure you haven't opened or used any of the products. You can return the goods according to the instructions below and you will be refunded.

If you've made a mistake yourself when ordering, any unopened or undamaged packages can also be returned. In this case, however, the customer bears responsibility only for the shipping costs associated with returning the product(s).

We strongly advise you to always check your goods before opening or using them.

Are you returning for any other reason?

The return procedure also applies to the money-back-guarantee on TopVue and Gelone products. The money-back guarantee can only be used within 60 days of receipt. Please follow the same procedure in this case.

Also, should you wish to return products that you suspect to be faulty, the products must be returned to us, at which time, we will return them to the manufacturer for an official quality check. The original box, as well as any remaining, unopened blister packs, must be returned to us. The products' LOT numbers are printed on this packaging, and this information is essential for the manufacturers to investigate any flaws. In this case, the same return procedure should be followed. If you wish to return a faulty product, it is essential to contact our customer service team first. They will provide you with exact instructions and additional information.

The return of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses:

Our glasses and sunglasses come with a warranty of two years in case of breakage. Otherwise, if you wish to return glasses or sunglasses, this can only be done within the legal 14-day withdrawal period. The goods must not be used or damaged. The original packaging must not be destroyed. If you would like to return or exchange sunglasses or frames, we require that you return the complete product, including the case, the outer box, everything inside the box, any cleaning cloths, and any identifying stickers or tags. In other words, the product needs to be in exactly the same condition as it was upon receipt. The product is considered incomplete without any of these items. In case of any missing or damaged items, a return or exchange will not be possible. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

Sunglasses, frames and eyeglasses are delivered in optimal condition and have been thoroughly checked for quality before dispatch. In the rare case that one of these should arrive damaged or suffers from immediate defects, contact the customer service and we will review the case in order to help you. However, complaints about damage caused by improper use, incorrect care, or normal wear and frequent use, are not eligible for compensation. Additional discounts or compensation cannot be given for damage caused by the customer themselves.

Prescription lenses are manufactured based on specific individual requirements and are, therefore, not eligible for returns. Only the frames qualify for a possible refund. This condition applies from the moment glasses have been paid for , regardless of shipping status.

In case you suspect faulty lenses in your prescription glasses:

However, if you think the quality of your eyeglass lenses is lacking or your lenses are defective in any way, we can have them sent for a quality-check. If a defect is discovered or they are deemed to be of poor quality, we will, of course, replace or refund the lenses.

For quality claims regarding single vision prescription lenses , contact our customer service first and make sure to include a valid prescription - no older than 1 year old. When a quality check is performed, this prescription is required to verify whether the dioptres of the lenses you've purchased match your actual prescription or not. You will be asked to return your goods in their entirety (the frame, the eyeglass lenses, the included accessories, any labels of leaflets, etc…). Do not remove the lenses from the frame!

For quality claims regarding multifocal / progressive lenses , contact our customer service first and make sure to include a valid prescription - no older than 1 year old. Also include a frontal photo that depicts you wearing the glasses (to be used for better centering) and a photo from the side that depicts you wearing the glasses (to be used to determine the angle of the frame). You will also be asked to return your goods in their entirety (the frame, the eyeglass lenses, the included accessories, any labels of leaflets, the little blue paper bags in which you received the demo lenses, the blue card, etc…). Do not remove the lenses from the frame!

Returns that have been tampered with and/or have missing components cannot be accepted. Always contact our customer service before returning glasses!

How does a return work?

First, please contact our customer service representatives by phone or email. Our staff can advise if your request meets our criteria and can describe the process in detail for you. Send the unopened and undamaged packages securely to our Dublin return address. Please include a proof of purchase issued by and a note indicating your new prescription information. The cost for this return is the responsibility of the customer.

Money-back Guarantee map point
Level 1, The Chase,
Carmanhall Road,
Sandyford Industrial Estate
Dublin D18 Y3X2

Once we confirm receipt of the returned items in re-sellable condition (in compliance with EU health and safety regulations), we will prepare your refund.

Please, send unopened and undamaged packages of contact lenses (or lens solutions) by post in a sturdy box, not an envelope, to ensure they will not be damaged during transit.

Please ensure to include your own address (sender's address) on the back of each package sent back to us!

In a worst-case scenario, this will ensure that the package is safely sent back to the customer and not lost in the mail. If you have paid online, the refund will be issued automatically to your PayPal account, or the card from which the payment was made.

How much will this cost?

The customer bears responsibility only for the shipping costs associated with returning the product(s). does not provide a prepaid option for returns of products ordered incorrectly or no longer needed. However, if is deemed to be at fault as the seller, any costs for returning will be covered. will send you the new lenses at no additional costs.

How long does it take? will confirm that we have received your returned items and update you on the status of your new order. We strive to verify all returns within 30 days. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you feel there is any delay. Make sure you receive a track and trace receipt for this return and/or a proof of returning the parcel! Our customer service department will ask you about this if you might suspect that something went wrong with your return

Please note that the return procedure will take slightly longer when returning glasses in their original and undamaged packaging. This is due to the fact that the authenticity and condition of returned sunglasses must first be thoroughly investigated and verified by our main stock.