Solution Oxysept 1 Step 300 ml

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Caution! This solution is peroxide. Please follow the instructions for using it!
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Peroxide lens solution Oxysept 1 Step

Oxysept 1 Step peroxide solution works to effectively clean your contact lenses using neutralizing tablets. The solution is suitable for all types of soft contact lenses, except for coloured lenses. Dirt and deposits are easily removed, thanks to Oxysept. The solution also moisturizes the lenses, making them comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Oxysept 1 Step does not contain preservatives and is therefore suitable for users with sensitive eyes.

To always ensure proper and safe use of the solution, use the case and neutralizing tablets provided in the package, and strictly follow the included instructions.


Never apply peroxide solution directly into the eyes, as it can serious injury. Don’t insert lenses that have come into contact with non-neutralised solution.

Never use a flat contact lens case with peroxide solution. Use only the special case and the neutralising tablets that are included with the solution.

Never remove the lenses from the special case before completion of the neutralisation process (at least 6 hours).

Never overfill the case with solution. Leaked and non-neutralised solution can inadvertently come into contact with lenses or your fingers, causing injury.

This is not a multipurpose solution. It is essential to wait for complete neutralisation (minimum 6 hours), using the included tablets and case, during each contact lens cleaning with solution to prevent eye damage due to burns. Use following the advice of your optician.

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Properties - Solution Oxysept 1 Step 300 ml

Manufacturer: Amo
Solution type: Peroxide
Volume: 300 ml
Usability after opening: 2 months
Preservatives: No
Medical Device: Yes


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