Systane Hydration Eye Drops 10 ml

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Systane® Hydration are moisturising eye drops from produced by Alcon to promote healing and comfort for dry, damaged eyes. Their formula contains two unique polymers that work together as a bandage to encourage cell reparation and healing of the cornea and surface of the eyeball. Systane® Hydration drops offer long-lasting relief and comfort.

Instructions for use

Systane® Hydration drops relieve symptoms of dry eyes by providing temporary relief from burning and irritation. They can be used every day to moisturise and hydrate, even while wearing extended-wear or disposable contact lenses. They can be used for up to three months after opening.

Are dry or red eyes bothering you?

Systane® Hydration eye drops protect against unpleasant symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. They provide additional moisture for contact lenses, especially in wind or in dusty and dry conditions. They are safe to apply any time the eyes are feeling dry or irritated.

Properties - Systane Hydration Eye Drops 10 ml

Manufacturer: Alcon
Volume: 10 ml
Usability after opening: 3 months
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Preservatives: Yes
Can be used with contact lenses: Yes
Medical Device: Yes

Gelone Drops 10 ml

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  • Can be applied even when your lenses are already in your eye
  • Quick relief from irritation
  • A long-lasting effect
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