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TopVue Air (6 lenses) TopVue Air (6 lenses) TopVue Air (6 lenses)

TopVue Air (6 lenses)


Thursday 23.11.

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TopVue Air are silicone-hydrogel contact lenses with a monthly replacement schedule. Their material ensures high oxygen permeability and water content and they are enriched with sodium hyaluronate for added moisture and comfort.

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989 AP-1 TopVue Air (6 lenses) + Gelone Solution 360 ml Price 29.36 € Save 1.50 € View
990 AP-2 TopVue Air (6 lenses) + LAIM-CARE Solution 400 ml Price 29.12 € Save 2.50 € View

New Generation of monthly contact lenses TopVue Air

TopVue Air are the latest generation of advanced silicone hydrogel contact lenses, these lenses are extremely breathable and retain the required water content needed. The new lens design and technology guarantee high comfort and healthy wear.

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

If the contact lenses do not meet your expectations, you can return 4 unused lenses within 365 days of delivery including for a full refund. More information...

Daily wear

TopVue Air contact lenses are intended for daily wear with a 30-day exchange period. At night it is necessary to remove and store the lenses in a contacts case filled with solution.

Comfort from the start

TopVue Air monthly contact lenses are supplied in plastic blister packs. The solution is fortified by added sodium hyaluronate. Sodium hyaluronate is one of the most effective lubricating substances, and it has absolute compatibility with the physiological environment of the eye. This substance is completely natural to humans, therefore it does not cause any discomfort or undesirable complications (as may be the case for other wetting agents).

Highly breathable

Innovative technological processing of silicone hydrogel materials provides TopVue Air high breathability by transporting atmospheric oxygen to the cornea, which proceeds through microscopic channels. The ability to transfer oxygen (transmissibility) is 100 Dk / t in TopVue Air.

Sufficiently hydrated for healthy eyes

Another important parameter of all contact lenses is the use of sufficient water content. Water is essential for required hydration of the contact lenses. Monthly contact lenses TopVue Air contain 45% water content. Thanks to its high water content, they remain sufficiently hydrated throughout the day. Contained water storage also reduces deposits on the lens surface.

Power: from -12.00 to +8.00
Expiration: 48 months and more
Replacement schedule: 30 days
Lubrication with sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Material: Innofilcon A
Extended or overnight wear: No
Water content: 45%
Oxygen permeability: 100 Dk/t
DIA: 14.2
UV filter: No
Volume: 6 lenses
BC: 8.6
TopVue Air (6 lenses)

TopVue Air (6 lenses)

TopVue Air (6 lenses)

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