Yellow Eclipse Contact Lenses - ColourVue Crazy (2 coloured lenses)

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    Yellow Eclipse Contact Lenses - ColourVue Crazy (2 coloured lenses)

    Replacement schedule and care

    Annual lenses are durable lenses with a usability time-frame of 365 days. This type of lens is almost exclusively reserved for coloured lenses. Though they last a full year, they require a lot of care and attention. Clean and store the lenses using a high-quality multi-purpose contact lens solution (don't use peroxide!). Every 5 days, repeat the regular cleaning process and store these lenses in a fresh solution. And don’t forget to replace the lens case in which you’re keeping these lenses every three months. If these lenses are not properly cared for, there is no guarantee they will remain comfortable or healthy.

    Cosmetic coloured lenses without power

    Non-dioptric lenses are contacts that won't correct your vision. They are used solely for cosmetic purposes. For anyone who wishes to buy cosmetic lenses like these, it's advisable for your eyes to be measured for a "plano" prescription, meaning one with zero vision correction. A professional measurement beforehand will also tell you which lenses should comfortably fit you, and which lenses won't.

    About Crazy colours

    Crazy lenses are coloured contact lenses. These coloured lenses are specifically designed to cover your natural eye colour with unique, popular, and fantastical patterns. These lenses are ideal for costumes, cosplay, and events like Halloween. They are produced with a variety of replacement schedules but, with proper care, usually last quite long. Crazy lenses are definitely the best choice to put the finishing touches on an amazing look.

    Lenses color: Black, Yellow, Special
    Manufacturer: Maxvue Vision
    BC: 8.60
    DIA: 14.00
    Pack size: 2 lenses
    Power range: 0
    Expiration: 12 months and more
    Oxygen permeability: 22 Dk/t
    Replacement schedule: 365 Days
    Water content: 45%
    Product name: ColourVUE Crazy Lens
    Lenses Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer
    Extended or overnight wear: No
    UV filter: No


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